Keep track of multiple sobriety dates for multiple kinds of sobriety!



Allow approved users to see your clocks to help you stay on track!



Keep your accountability partners' up-to-date contact information at the ready!

About us

Nomo - Sobriety Clocks

Hey! We're Parker and Michael (the guys behind Nomo). We created Nomo because there were no good sobriety tracking apps in the AppStore when we started attending Celebrate Recovery. We wanted something that looked great, could keep track of multiple clocks, and kept us connected with the other people in our support group. The only way to get that was to make it ourselves. So we did!

With over 100 thousand users (growing every day) we are constantly blown away by the amazing people we get to serve through our app. We love the feedback and all the encouraging emails about how Nomo has helped with their sobriety.

We're both dads with full-time jobs. Nomo is something we work on because we have a passion for those in recovery. If you want to chip in for a cup of coffee to help us work more on Nomo, we'd gladly accept :)

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Here's what people are saying:

  • I love this app
    I love this app because being new to recovery I find it very helpful in keeping track of my sobriety dates AND being able to see my chips at anytime. Living each moment down to the minute! Thank you for such an awesome tool testimonial img M. Thorne - iTunes
  • Fantastic app!!
    I downloaded this app. May 15, 2015 and I've checked it everyday since! I'm happy to say I've also been sober since and this simple app has been a big part of my success. I look forward to my chip changing colors and seeing my number of days! As minor as it sounds, it's such a visual for me and now it has the check it button and refocus features! Best of all...the app creator will respond personally to your questions or concerns!! There was a very minor kink in the counter when my phone updated. I was in a panic because it was just days before my 1 year chip!! I emailed using the support link in the app and had an immediate response! The gentleman answered that he was "out with his kids, but would get to it as soon as he got home!" Are you kidding? He's out doing his things and yet took the time to let me know it was received!? People just don't do that anymore. But because the creator knows recovery, he was on it. I was floored that he responded so quickly, fixed it the same day, and wrote a personal email congratulating me on one year! It still blows my mind that this complete stranger was so amazingly kind and understanding. Fantastic app! Super simple and easy, and a huge support. I can't recommend it enough. Best of luck to those in recovery! One day at a time. testimonial img Lindsey612 - iTunes
  • NOMO is the tool i've been needing to stay sober!
    I have three addiction clocks set on NOMO. For each one, if i'm going to relapse, i know i will physically have to reset the clock back to zero days, no matter how good the excuse is that the beast whispers into my ear. This small but significant difference has helped me not pick up. NOMO is a life changer for me. Thank you to the two addicts in recovery who started it!!! Clocks are on and we are, "Go!" No more mornings of regret and fear. testimonial img Khhgfgjjuttffch - iTunes
  • Love this app!
    This is a great app for anyone in recovery. I love that it helps me keep track of my days sober, and lets me know when I'll be picking up my next chip. I recommend this app to all my friends in recovery, and I really like that I can add them as accountability partners. I also love the refocus part of the app. It contains breathing, reflex, memory, and completion exercises that help if you're feeling squirrelly. testimonial img faddlebec - iTunes
  • I absolutely love this app!!!
    Through these 6 months of my sobriety I can count on my Nomo app to keep me going everyday. It helps me and I'm sure it helps others to know that I'm not alone in this journey. You guys are the best. Thanks for everything you do for such a personal part of my life. It means so much to me. Xx Sophia testimonial img Sophia91892 - iTunes
  • I have looked at many counter apps on the AppStore over the months and this is BY FAR the best one!!!! You can completely customize it for you issue, it has the 2 sections, one counting days, one for us on a chip system--and the chips are the right color!!!! You can reset your clock to keep on track, and share clocks now!!! Massive yea!!!!
    WOW. Kudos guys!!!! And the App support is like having them on speed dial--well almost :-). They're awesome on the support! Keeping this app through thick and thin :) testimonial img ktkruszka - iTunes
  • Great app, runs very smoothly. Sleek, professional interface with minimally invasive ads (you barely notice them, which is a big plus especially for a free app!!). So happy someone created an app like this, it seems they genuinely care about aiding in a person's recovery process and being a positive tracker alongside the recovery. testimonial img Suzye78995 - iTunes
  • Contacted support and they emailed me back in literally less than 10 minutes! Unheard of that developers respond period these days - Never mind that fast. Got me back in and I'm back to loving it, Thanks guys! testimonial img Brainscatters - iTunes
  • I love the clocks keep track of my progress. My 12 step peeps uses this app instead of using chips now! I use Nomo every single day. It's part of my sobriety. It's a great tool for individuals in recovery. testimonial img CelebrateRecovery Guy - iTunes
  • Quite a slick app for tracking sobriety time. Lots of nice features, but most importantly, it helps me keep track of my days sober. Whenever I find myself struggling, I like to open it and say, "Wow! I've been sober for X number of days. I don't want to lose that." Even though it opens on the account page, which I really don't understand, it's one of my favorite apps! Very nice work and excellent customer service! I had initially written a very poor review, but then Parker gave me some troubleshooting tips and now it works like a charm! testimonial img fredmavis - iTunes
  • Wow! The app is great, but I’m giving 5 stars for the support! I had an issue (seeing the name, “tony” instead of my info). I sent them an email and they got back to me in minutes with an answer! Then they updated the app again within like 2 days with some suggestions that I pointed out. Prompt, personal, and helpful. I use this app everyday and can’t wait to see more updates :D testimonial img GregRgreg - iTunes
  • I’ve been using Nomo for years (back when it was called, “Days”). The developer is super fast to repsond to any issues I run into (like ones with the newest update) I was delighted to find out that he’s a guy in recovery and not a company. It makes me feel like I’m deal with a real person (which I am I guess). Anway, Nomo has had its ups and down, but overall, it’s one of my main apps that I go to every day for encouragment. I really like that I can share my clocks now. Very cool. testimonial img RobertKitenee - iTunes
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What makes Nomo great:

  • Best Sobriety Calculator Out There!

    Nomo is the only app that accurately breaks down your sobriety time to the minute! That means instead of just seeing the total number of minutes (which we do offer), we tell you what that means in terms of a break down of years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes. It's much more realistic to say, "I've been sober for 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 6 hours, and 22 minutes", than, "I've been sober for 648,382 minutes".

  • Chips! Chips! Chips!

    Every time you hit a milestone in your recovery, you earn a chip to celebrate that achievement. In the latest version of Nomo, we've added a ton of new chips to keep you motivated! When you tap on your chip, it will reveal a grid with all of your previously earned chips! This is a great way to stay encouraged and see how far you've come.

  • Multiple Clocks

    We've found that most people in recovery are struggling with more than one thing. You might have multiple sobriety dates for different issues. With Nomo, you can create and track as many sobriety dates as you need!

  • Track Time and Money Saved

    One huge motivator for staying sober is when you can see how much time and money you're saving by not using or acting out. Just enter the amount of time and money you spend on a weekly basis to support your habit and Nomo will do the rest!

  • Share Your Success

    A huge request that we've gotten is the ability to post your new chips and number of day you've been sober, on social media. With just a few taps, you can share your successes on Facebook, Twitter, and more!

  • Accountability Partners

    Every support group keeps a list of everyone's most recent contact information. It's nearly impossible to keep it up-to-date and on hand when you need it. When you add another Nomo user as an accountability partner, their contact info stays up-to-date in the app. When you need to make a call, Nomo makes it easy.

  • Sharable Clocks

    A huge request from our users was the ability to share clocks with their accountability partners. When you share a clock, it shows up on their app in the side bar. They'll be able to see how long you've been clean, when you last checked in, and they'll even be notified when your clock is reset. This is a feature our users are really excited about.

  • Refocus Exercises

    In those moments when you're feeling tempted, one of the best things you can do is distract yourself. We've added four mini-exercises to help you refocus when you're feeling triggered. The goal is to take your mind off your addiction so you have a chance to regulate your thoughts.

  • Check ins

    When you're in recovery, you take it one day at a time. It's important that you check your clock every day to stay encouraged and to remind yourself of the days you've been sober. Each clock has a "Check in" button that logs when you checked your clock last. When you share your clock, your accountability partners will be able to see your last check-in time.