Encouragement Guidelines

With Nomo, you have the opportunity to encourage others on a large scale. With that said, there are several guidelines that you'll need to follow in order to get your encouragement approved and visible to the public. Below are a list of situations of that may get your encouragement disapproved.

It's too short

Being short doesn't mean it's not valuable. However, when people check Nomo for encouragements, they're expecting to see something more than, "Keep it up!". You have the opportunity to truly be inspiring with your own words. Try and write at least 3 sentences. Those are the encouragements that really help people and get a ton of likes.

It's too much about you

If you wrote something like, "I'm 30 days sober and doing great!", that's awesome, but it's not an encouragement for other people. We want to know how you got to 30 days. What tips or positive words can you give us about your experience? It's so great that you want to celebrate your sobriety, but the encouragement wall isn't the right place for that. Make sure you're encouraging others and not making it about you.

It's not an encouragement

Remember, the purpose of posting to the encouragement wall is to give encouragements. Imagine you're speaking to someone who is new to sobriety. What would you tell them? Would you just tell them how you're doing, or would you speak words of encouragement from your heart?

It's overused

This one sounds bad, but it's true. If you wrote a quote, verse, or saying that has been used before, it won't get approved. We want the encouragement wall to be filled with your words. Now, that's not to say that quotes, verses, or sayings are always going to be disapproved. It just means that if it has already shown up from other users, we don't want to add the same thing to the list.

Other reasons

Your encouragement might not get approved for various other reasons:

  • It contains a link
  • It has rude or abusive content
  • It's not an encouragement at all
  • It has a quote that's not attributed to anyone
  • It's incomplete/unreadable

Please don't be discouraged if your encouragement doesn't get approved. If you have the latest version of Nomo, you can edit your encouragements and resubmit them. You are helping so many people stay focused when you encourage them. It's an amazing way to give back to the community and make a difference!